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You don't think it's possible to change your life, or your relationship with alcohol? I'm here to tell you that yes, you absolutely can - you are stronger than you think!
Zan Gallant

Zan Gallant 

Certified Recovery & Resilience Coach


Yup, that's me on the left in 2012 - unhealthy, undisciplined, and struggling in active addiction. On the right is a current pic - motivated, healthy, and living a fulfilling life I'm proud of. I’ve been in your shoes, and now I walk on a better path - I invite you to walk with me.


My mission is to help men thrive in recovery and reclaim control of their life and relationships.


Recovery doesn't only apply to addiction - total life recovery can mean putting the pieces back together after a divorce, or traumatic event - it could mean rebuilding your health in mid-life - it could be mending fractured relationships from the past and letting go in order to sail forward... Recovery simply means - a return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength. Are you ready to:

  • Finally get out of the vicious cycle of remorse, shame, and regret

  • Become the confident, adventurous man you were meant to be

  • Repair and improve all of your relationships

  • Look sharper, feel much younger, and stand tall and proud again

  • Reclaim your mental and physical health             


Listen, I’m no better or worse than you or any other guy, but I experienced all of these positive results after I changed my relationship with myself and with alcohol, and so ANY man can. It all begins with the decision - 'I don't want to live like this for another day!'

Start by asking yourself these simple questions - it’s time to get real honest with yourself here. Own it!

  • Is your alcohol or drug use negatively affecting your Parenting? Relationships? Career?

  • Are your brutal hangovers and crippling anxiety becoming unbearable the older you get?

  • Have you lost your enthusiasm for daily life and are now just dragging through the motions, telling yourself this is just  ‘middle age’?

Zan Gallant Recovery Coach

What if everything you ever wanted was on the other side of that damn FEAR that keeps you stuck? This could be the most important decision you will ever make - msg me today!


  • Choose freedom

  • Choose adventure

  • Choose recovery

Change starts with a single step
That step is as simple as scheduling a confidential, no-cost discovery call to learn if I’m the right person to help you make the difference only YOU can make.

My Values: Autonomy. Growth. Relationships. Resilience.

“Zan was genuinely concerned and it made it easy to talk to him and discuss my situations. He helped me find the courage to make a huge jump and change career paths.” 

— A.M.

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