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1:1 Recovery Coaching - 6 Sessions (5-8 weeks)

Awesome! You being here means you're curious about exploring a life without alcohol, maybe for the first time. Trust me, that thought terrified me for many years - how would I spend my weekends without drinking? How would I go on a date? How would I go to a social event? How would I ever go on holiday?!? But I can tell you, it’s not only 100% possible, but life is so much better without dragging the anchor of substance abuse behind you. I have personally never been more calm, focused, and genuinely happy - and I'm not alone, I have never met another person who regrets embarking on a recovery journey. Stopping alcohol use is more than just not picking up the glass - it's about creating a life that you don’t have a burning desire to constantly escape from. I'm here to help you experience this freedom as well! 

I offer a six-session Men's Recovery Program to help you along the way. Guys, you are the captain of your ship - you have been for your whole life! So think of me as the lighthouse to help you navigate the waters ahead and to guide you to your destination. What you can expect over our 6 sessions: 

  1. The Journey Begins: This session provides an introduction to the program and its goals. It focuses on understanding and getting crystal clear about the impact your substance use is having on your life and setting you on course toward the recovery process and regaining control of your ship. 

  2. Setting Sail: This session focuses on your specific needs, challenges, and goals in your recovery journey and offers the support you need to succeed - as well as the importance of self-acceptance and gratitude in recovery. 

  3. Navigating Rough Waters: Life Skills and Goal Setting. This session helps develop essential life skills and set achievable goals. It covers areas such as discovering your personal values and creating a balanced lifestyle. 

  4. Your Crew & Tools: Building Support Systems & Relapse Prevention. This session focuses on developing strategies to build your support system and identify the tools to prevent relapse. It explores triggers, coping mechanisms, and healthy habits that support long-term recovery. 

  5. Following your Compass: In this session, we bring together all the actions, learning, and goals and set a plan to follow in the days and weeks ahead. 

  6. You are the Captain: In this sixth session, we reconnect and check in on your journey, discuss challenges and obstacles, and refine your recovery journey to meet your desired destination. 

The outline above is a structure that follows key themes to encourage success in recovery. However, each session is set to meet your specific needs and goals and will be unique to your own journey.

Want to learn more?

It’s as simple as scheduling a confidential, no-cost discovery call to learn if I’m the right person to help you make the changes you desire. Fill out the form to tell me about yourself and I’ll send you a link to my calendar so you can book a call at a time that suits you.

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