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March 25, 2024: Life Changes Channel - PodcastEpisode Description:  Zan Gallant describes himself as just "a regular dude who fought his way out of the grip of addiction and entirely changed my life for the better, and now I help others do the same!" He's a certified wellness/personal development coach and outpatient recovery/treatment facilitator. He believes in recovering out loud while taking responsibility for his choices.
"Rock bottom is whenever you decide to stop digging that hole." - Zan Gallant 

October 11, 2023:  Unmodern Podcast: Episode Description:  Zan is a recovery and addiction specialist based in Vancouver, who is not just certified & trained to help anyone battling personal demons, he has overcome them himself. His lived experience and personal perspective really makes anyone who is struggling feel comfortable because Zan has "been there, done that". We dive deep into recovery, wellness, personal accountability and struggles men face these days. We discuss Zan's experience completing "75 Hard", Ultra-marathons and other amazing physical achievements, all while setting the example for any man who isn't reaching their highest potential to really get after it! We also drop some "hacks" for anyone looking to improve their life relatively quickly. 

June 6, 2023:  Episode Description:  For our 116th episode, Zan Gallant, who was once a person suffering an addiction, shares with us his story of rising from the ashes of addiction from Canada to England and back. Then he shares some thoughts on alternative recovery strategies, and about how his journey has brought him to being a recovery coach. Ashes to Awesome podcast provides light, hope, and understanding about addiction and mental health to those living within that life and the people who love them. 

Zan Gallant Podcast Ashes to Awesome

December 1, 2021: Episode Description: Wellness in Music: An Interview with Zan Gallant, Recovery & Development Coach. Zan is an incredibly insightful personal development coach who has created a thriving life for himself after having come through substance abuse. He steps up and motivates others to find their own meaning in order to lead a more fulfilling life .Check out this podcast episode with Amy McBride, Owner of Wellness Provisions - The Most Badass Wellness Business. Home to the Collaborative Resource Hub: bridging the gap between mental health, wellness and rock and roll.

March 9, 2023:  Episode Description:  An impactful episode with a former professional hockey player and recovering addict, Brady Leavold, and me. We discuss some really tough subjects including addiction, abuse, mental health, and pressures faced by young men and their long-term impact.  Give it a listen and be sure to subscribe to Beachfire Collective, a podcast focusing on MENtal health and everything this world throws our way from the past, present, and future.

October 3, 2022: Episode Description: In this first FULL episode I talk to a long time friend and now Recovery/Life coach Zan Gallant. We discuss battling addiction, coming out the other side and what it means to "Do the hard work." Zan has an amazing story and please if you are looking for any coaching look him up!  Give it a listen and be sure to subscribe to Beachfire Collective, a podcast focusing on MENtal health and everything this world throws our way from the past, present, and future.m. 

Feb 23, 2022:  Episode Description: Recovery Through Ultra Marathons with Zan Gallant, Recovery Coach. Check out this episode of the #3UNIQUES Podcast hosted by Brenda Rigney, Business & Leadership Coach. We go in-depth discussing recovery, men's mental health, ultramarathon running, and the life-long pursuit of adventure.

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