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Lighthouse Guide



As you sail through life, a coach is like a lighthouse, guiding you through the storm. I've been in rough waters and found my way out - and I'd bet our stories are similar...

I know you’re struggling in silence. You’re exhausted. Your relationship is suffering or broken. You feel like you’re living a lie - most people believe you’ve got your shit together but in reality -  


  • Your physical health has gone down the drain and your mental health is right behind it - depression and anxiety fill your days

  • You’re badly hungover again, and they're getting worse - wasting your days feeling like absolute crap

  • You drink to calm your social anxiety - short term fix, not a long term solution 

  • You’re in real danger of losing someone or something very important to you - yet STILL drink to avoid the tough conversations

  • You operate with zero energy  - no drive, no desire, no fire

  • Your pride won't allow yourself to be vulnerable and ask for help - when help is exactly what you need


I know this because I was in your shoes for most of my life.

I know this because I was in your shoes for most of my life.

Zan Gallant

Check out my Story as part of the Shadows and Light Project here.

The Shadows and Light Project is a visual and biographical collective of men sharing personal stories of fear, shame, joy, pain, faith, loss, humor, and wisdom. It is a container for men to normalize their vulnerabilities and contribute to the global co-regulation of true masculine strength. It is a safe environment for honesty without judgment and an outlet where you can share your voice or perhaps find it.

Credentials & Certifications

Rhodes Wellness College
Positive Psychology

“Before our sessions, I was feeling lazy, unenthusiastic about things I normally find passion in, a lack of purpose/direction in life.  Zan used many methods with me to guide me to a meaningful place where I am motivated, aware, and moving towards a successful direction. He is an amazing listener, and communicator.”  — C.S.

Change starts with a single step
That step is as simple as scheduling a confidential, no-cost discovery call to learn if I’m the right person to help you make the difference only YOU can make.

My Values: Autonomy. Growth. Relationships. Resilience.

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